With the title released last week it was only time before more information was given to the fans. And give they did. We finally know who the villain for the third instalment is.

As with most of the updates that are learnt about the film the news was released on the official Instagram page for the film. As we can see on the official page there have been a few photos over the past week or so that have caught fans attention such as the image of Patrick Stewart as the aged Professer X. One of the most recent posts however is that of Boyd Holbrook in the cab of a picup truck.

I have to warn you now if you don’t want to find out what villain Holbrook is playing then you should look away now **SPOILER WARNING**

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The caption of the photo is “Pierce” and even though nothing has been confirmed right now regarding Holbrook’s character the name is tying him to playing Donald Pierce, a recurring enemy of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe.

In the comics Donal Pierce is a former member of the Hellfire Club. They club was first seen in X-Men First Class.¬†Even though Logan is a continuation film it’s good to see that they’re keeping it in the family by revisiting¬†plot points of previous films.

Hellfire Club

Pierce eventually left the Hellfire Club to become the leader of the Reavers, a group of cybernetically enhanced mutants. The Reavers have been long rumoured to appear in Logan and maybe now with the confirmation of Pierce this might be true.

Logan is set to hit cinemas 3 March 2017