Hugh Jackman is a man of his word when he said that we would be getting news about the next instalment of his loved character, Wolverine. Over the past few months there has been speculation as to what the third and final instalment will be called and just under a week ago fans were finally given the chance to know what the film will be called.

loganWhen Jackman tweeted this out it is safe to say that the whole of twitter, whether you’re a fan of the X-Men franchise or not, erupted with joy.

Logan is a good strong name to go with for the final instalment of Wolverine where this will be the last time we see Jackman reprising his role, as this is the name that people associate with when they hear Wolverine.

In the poster we can see that Logan is holding the hand of a child with his claws out. There has been speculation about who the child is in the picture with the main suggestion being X-23, Wolverine’s female clone. Whilst we’ll have to wait and see who the child is Ryan Reynolds is giving fans a helping hand as to just who’s hand it is in the poster.

Fans of Reynolds will remember his debut in the Deadpool film that came out earlier this year. In Deadpool Ryan’s character Wade Wilson cuts his hand off to escape being handcuffed by Colossus. Later that day he’s back home sitting on the couch with his roommate, Blind Al. In a weird but great moment we get to see Deadpool’s regeneration abilities as his hand is starting to grow back, a baby hand growing back from where there was a stump.

Probably not the hand that’s featured in the poster but it’s a great idea.

Logan will be released 3 March 2017