Monday Nights newest episode of Timeless took us to April 14th 1985. The day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.


After last weeks shocking cliffhanger that Amy no longer exists in the present to due to a change in the past things immediately took a turn for the worst for Lucy (Abigail Spencer). But not only did her sister no longer exist her use to be ‘ill’ mother is now

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fine as she could ever be and to top it off she is engaged to a man that she has never even met yet.

Once called back in to find out that Flynn (Goran Višnjić) has time travelled again. They end up on in 1985 just as soon as the fireworks are ending to mark the end of the civil war. As soon as they arrive Lucy was quick to pinpoint when John Booth would turn up at the Ford’s Theatre to be precise 10am. Lucy and Wyatt (Matt Lanter) waist no time in trying to find clues as to where Flynn maybe hiding out and helping Booth in order to kill Lincoln.

However, Lucy becomes distracted when she’s greeted by Lincoln’s son Robert. Who becomes easily smitten by Lucy or should I say “Juliet Shakesman”. It wasn’t long until Booth entered the room to greet his ‘friend’ and Lucy where Robert brings up a story about how Booth’s older brother saved is life and that the Lincoln’s owe the Booth’s their life’s (How Ironic?). Immediately following Wyatt finds Flynn and the team follow him into an abandoned alleyway where it becomes an instant shoot out between the Team, Flynn and Booth’s Men with Wyatt getting shot in the crossfire.

Timeless - Season 1
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After escaping the cross fire the team rejoins at the hotel room where Lucy remembers from her knowledge of history that originally Booth tried to get aid from his men in order to assassinate General Grant, Vice President Johnson and Secretary of State Steward as well but they didn’t have the weaponry to do so until Flynn got involved which means they can fully execute the plan.

On the Night of the Assassination, Flynn changed the events by knocking out Booth unconscious so that he doesn’t kill Lincoln but instead he takes his Flynn takes his place in the assassination to prevent dispute between the Lincoln’s and the Booths. However Flynn managed to kill Lincoln but Lucy was able to prevent him from killing Grant as well which then lead to him escaping and returning back to the present after changing history.

Once the team returned back to the present they find out the due to Juliet (Lucy) saved Grant a school was named after her in Ohio. But furthermore Jiya (Sakina Jaffery) was able to find out background to Lucy’s family and what happened to Amy which came to the realisation that the only way Lucy still exists is due to her being adopted originally. Also Rufus meets with Connor (Paterson Joseph) to tell him he will no longer be recording Wyatt and Lucy’s conversations in secret for him and the secret organisation ‘Rittenhouse’ (which Flynn also mentions to Lucy earlier on in the episode that it was them to blame for most the events that originally happened and that he is trying to “change the wrongs and turn them into rights”). But we also learn the Rufus and Connor have been close acquaintances for a long time and that it was Connor who helped Rufus pay for most things he has had in his life.

Once she returns home, we find Lucy at her ‘Engagement Party’ where she immediately questions her mother about her ‘Father’ which her mother instantly refuses to answer and to end with we finally meet Lucy’s Fiance who comes as a surprise to Lucy.

Overall, NBC is putting faith into this new show and hoping to have major success with it. The show so far has been well balanced with humour and drama as well as maintaining an effective story to keep the audience captivated at all times. But what we want to know in future episodes is:

  • Who Lucy’s Fiance really is?
  • What is Flynn’s true motives for the future and how Lucy fits into all of this?
  • Why has Lucy never been told that she was adopted?
  • Will the team ever change back time to the way it was?
  • Who is the Rittenhouse Organisation which Connor has connections to?

Overall Episode Rating: 7/10

Timeless continues Monday Nights at 9/8c on NBC