Fans of the much loves ABC show Once Upon A Time have seen a heck of a lot of Disney characters come to life in the how. Some of th characters have stayed around for a while (Charming, Hook, Belle) while other characters are only there for an episode or two (Little John, Hercules) there are even some who vanish for long periods of time only to pop back in again when they’re needed (hello Archie!)

Once Upon A Time obviously has a large file of characters to choose from and Once being Once drops hints here and there about just what character they’re going to go with next. Rumple even said in the season 5 finale to Belle, whilst she was in the box “I’m going to show you the world.” And who is in the new season? Aladdin and Jasmine!


Pictures have been released for the next episode of Once Upon a time of Snow White and Jasmine in the classroom standing in front of a classroom full of children with writing on the board behind them. What might be so interesting in these images you might be asking well, look away.


Can you see the board? Can you see whats been drawn on it? There’s a canoe. A CANOE. If this isn’t a sign for Pocahontas then I don’t know what is.

Once Upon A Time I see what you’re doing and if you’re doing this to get our hopes up then that is cruel.

The next episode of Once Upon A Time airs on Sunday on ABC