The trailer was released last week and now we’ve got a website dedicated to the Ranger’s High School.

Part of its marketing campaign saw Lionsgate create a website for The Roar, the student newspaper of the film’s fictional Angel Grove High School.

On the website three of the Rangers are profiled. Jason – Red Ranger, he’s the quarterback of the football team and is praised for this character and work ethic. “In a school of misfits and mayhem, we could all be a little more like Jason.” Pink Ranger Kimberly doesn’t appear to be coming off very well as there are rumours floating around that she might not be captain of the cheer squad, “Could this be the end of Kimberly’s elite social status? What could this darling heart-throb have done to cause her to be cut from the power squad?” Trini the Yellow Ranger the last of the three to be featured on the site as she shines in the “New student spotlight”.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting more and more excited for the Power Rangers reboot.

March can’t come soon enough!