The Scream Halloween special airing on MTV 9/8c won’t be the last time that you see the Lakewood Six now the Lakewood Four. MTV have renewed the fan-favourite slasher drama for a six-episode third season as reported by TVLine.

While this is good news for fan’s of the drama there is nothing more to report for now. Hopefully news will be released after the Halloween special including cast members that will be returning and a premiere date. MTV did however confirm that the third season is expected to be getting new show runners.

When we last left Emma, Noah, Brooke, Audrey and Gustavo, Kieran was being arrested after it was revealed that he was in on it with Piper. Kieran was in prison but had received a phone call from someone claiming that they were the real Ghostface. This could in fact be true as a hotel clerk is seen welcoming a “Mr James” into a hotel in the trailer for the Halloween special.

Anyone else want to see Noah start making his quotes again? Just me? Getting to see the girls teaming back up together is a must and to see just how Gustavo is going to fit in with the gang now that he and Noah seem to have released a graphic novel.

The Scream Halloween specialĀ airs October 18 9/8c