With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered (Special Edition) only a couple of weeks away, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss what we want and expect from this massive release that a few days ago went gold.

Firstly Remastered graphics, pretty obvious one but still requires a mention as it makes use of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s enhanced graphics and this will look purely spectacular especially in such a world as Skyrim is, open and beautiful and this will add to ┬áit’s beauty more. However its not just the consoles that are getting this boost, PC is also getting the upgrade at no extra cost so therefore PC fans you will have extra beauty for no extra cost! (who doesn’t love a freebie!).

MODS!!! – Finally all platforms can experiences Mods which is a huge thing especially for consoles as now if you had a PC version and perhaps couldn’t run mods why not now try the console version? We for one cannot wait to see what new mods will be made available, Expect some mod reviews on game release!

Is there going to be new quests? – Even if there isn’t with the remaster of the game, we are given all the DLC and also Mods will add the chance to have some pretty funky quests.

Is it going to have me playing over 300 hours? – In my case it will most likely become my life as I love nothing more that to explore Skyrim and its immersive stockpile of lore, every time I play a new character I still find something new to do so I think it will have me playing over and over and the remastered graphics are just a bonus!

Overall I think it is an anticipated release especially for me just returning to the lands of Skyrim again and in remastered graphics just makes it even better to return to a beautiful world and walk up 7000 steps (Who’s not missed that!) and just the fact we get to hear the guards say that classic line again (does it really need to be mentioned?)

Only one question remains will the remaster live up to its hype. I’ll defiantly be playing this game on release and most likely my whole life so if you don’t hear from me i’ll be killing a frost troll up in Winterhold.

Skyrim Remastered is out October 28th, 2016