Over the weekend from the 14th October to 17th October, people who pre-ordered Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the PS4 were given the opportunity to try out the multiplayer before the official game release on November 4th. But dont worry if your an Xbox owner wanting to try out the BETA cause there will be a 2nd chance to try out on both consoles the following weekend (21st October to 24th October).


Maps: The maps which are playable in the first public beta are:



Frost: ‘A research facility set atop the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Ample opportunities for vertical combat and rapid encounters around sleek modular elements highlight this frozen battleground.’





Frontier‘A small section of an immense space station that is in orbit around the planet Neptune. The action is funnelled down a long, central corridor, with side-paths offering an element of strategy and a claustrophobic lower lane for players craving chaos.’




Throwback: ‘This look back at a 1950’s “Main Street USA” locale sits on a giant, rotating, torus-shaped space station. A large circular lane rings the perimeter, while a large centre square with multiple avenues of approach and two opposing windows offers a wide range of engagement opportunities.’


The maps have been really designed well but continue to stick to the 3-Lane Map layout which is becoming really repetitive and the Call Of Duty games need to try and come away from that and focus more on creating new approaches of map building instead of sticking to the same structure year after year. The other downfall with these maps is that they provide too many camping spots for players to take advantage of which needs to change sooner rather than later.


Movement System: The movement system in Infinite Warfare is the exact same as Black Ops 3 with the wall running and sliding. Infinity Ward had no innovation into making these movements better plus after coming up from the slide it didn’t keep your momentum going when running and instead slowed you down to starting speed which could end up getting you killed if you are trying to avoid cross fire.

: For the customisation with weapons, we are back to square one again like Black Ops 3 with the ‘Pick 10’ System having to tactically decide on which weaponry and perks should be used in taking into matches. With the new Combat Rig you can fully customise the look of each Rig even including end of match taunts and gestures. It also features 3 different payloads and 3 different traits for each Rig. The payload is the Rig’s special weapon which you achieve by gaining points throughout each match to unlock and the traits are special abilities to give your Rig a bit of an extra boost in matches.


Weapons and Perks: The weapons this year have the same classes like always: Assault Rife, Sub-machine Gun etc… however a new class has now emerged ‘Classic’ weapons allowing players to use previous weapons from old Call of Duty games in the new multiplayer however we wont be able to try out these new guns until the games full release. When it comes the the aiming and shooting of the guns, especially the sniper rifles it seems Infinity Ward have finally got it right and instead of shooting so far to the left or right to get the kill it instantly works right in the middle down sight which is what previous COD titles have had problems with. For the perks mostly all perks have returned from previous games, however some perks have a downside to it such as momentum a.k.a the marathon perk has been dialled down so if you jump, slide or wall run your speed will drop as well from using those abilities.



Scorestreaks: Most of the Scorestreaks have made a return from previous COD titles such as UAV, Counter UAV, Scarab (HC-XD/ RC-XD) etc… Some of the streaks have also changed as well such as the previous Air/ Lightning Strike is now called Scorchers and uses 3 Laser Strafe Runs instead but the downside to this streak is that it only works out side the maps so like in the Frontier map the streak only work in 2 specific open areas of the map.


Supply Drops: Yes the infamous Supply Drops are back again trying to make people broke just so they can get new customisation items for Weapons and Combat Rigs.


Melee: The only thing I have to say about the melee system in Infinite Warfare is, What ever happened to the 1 hit knife melee? No one wants the 2 hit punch when we are in close combat situations and you know your gun is not going to work.


Overall, Infinite Warfare Multiplayer feels exactly the same as Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. It is like Infinity Ward just copied all of Black Ops 3 and just gave it a face lift and update with their own game engine in order to create the game and just feature a new story and setting. When the full game releases we will review the Campaign, The Exclusive PlayStation VR Mission as well as the new Zombies in Spaceland but it seems as though most of us will be fully focused on playing the Modern Warfare Remastered instead.


Overall Rating for Infinite Warfare BETA: 4/10


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered Release November 4th, 2016