Thursday Nights, How To Get Away With Murder left us all shocked with the reveal of the 2nd Victim who was in the house fire and the reveal of a secret no one saw coming.

Last Weeks Episode ended with the reveal that Bonnie was the next character to survive the blaze and was not underneath the sheet. But another shocking twist revealed that a 2nd Character was also in the fire but still has a pulse.

The episode quickly kicks off with Bonnie informing a distressed Annalise behind bars that they found another body at the house fire which has now been taken to hospital to be treated on.

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We then jump 4 week back before the incident to see Annalise drinking margarita after margarita with Eve at the local bar until 2 business man try to catch dates even though they are way out of their league with them and luckily Annalise and Eve slide by using the Lesbian Couple excuse to dodge the bullet. After having one to many drinks, Annalise returns home a bit to drunk. (But we cant help but love Drunk Annalise). The same night we see Frank dealing money with a Woman for a deadly gas canister but he was also informed that if it gets to close to fire it will explode. (Could it be the cause of the fire at Annalise’s House?)

We jump over to the first court case of the episode where Annalise is still trying to sober up and it must have hit her a bit to hard if it lead to Asher taking over the case as the attorney who has sweating dripping down his back more to the point until a video was released of Annalise slapping the District Attorney across the face which leads to her getting her license revoked so Bonnie and Asher take it into their own hands to take charge of the case. When it comes to trying to reclaim the money the pair lead to the discovery that their client has been using the money to by items for his unborn baby who he is having it with one of his teachers. But when it comes to the pair gaining proof from one of the teachers that they are pregnant the pair turn against each other due to it becoming more personal due to their history with rape. Unfortunately when the pair thought they were helping the client things took a turn for the worse when the teacher pleaded guilty but due to this the client cant have the rights to the child for being under-aged but also raped. But the outcome has brought Bonnie and Asher together so that the effective outcome should have happened compared to their past.

In and out of the episode Frank is undercover as a cleaner called Kevin who seduces a nurse in order to gain access to the medical ward in the federal prison in order to murder Bonnie’s Rapist. But when Laurel overhears Bonnie and Annalise’s conversation Laurel confesses in private that she has been trying to track down Frank and that she spoke to him giving her the reason why he is on the run is because Annalise is out to kill him.

We then jump back to the night of the fire where Bonnie and Oliver are at the hospital where they notice Maggie rushing into the emergency room with information that the victim is Pregnant! and she realises the person is:


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But the question now is Who Is The Father?

Also in the episode:

  • Connor and Oliver go head to head for who can get the most hook-ups but like most fans we just want the pair of them back together!
  • Annalise makes a turn-around by claiming she is an alcoholic to try an sustain her license back.
  • Eve dropped the bomb to Annalise that she is Married and that her partner has asked her to move to San Francisco.
  • Maggie seeks the aid of Laurel to throw Wes’s Birthday Party.


Overall this episode and the entire keeps on giving more and more answers, questions and shocking cliffhangers making this possibly the best season yet and the craziness wont be stopping.

Overall Episode Rating: 9/10


How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC