Fans have been given more than their fair share of teasers for the final Wolverine film from Hugh Jackman.

Jackman posted an image to his Twitter today. The photo has been taken from the inside of a car and shows us a flipped open sun visor revealing a newspaper that has been clipped to the inside. Jackman’s tweet simply says “SUNSEEKER” and has the movies release date and name in the caption.

Visible on the clipped page is a boat, which ties into the fact that Sunseeker is a yacht manufacturer. Fans can only guess what this means for the movie as everything remains a mystery. Maybe Logan is looking for someone who owns a yacht? Maybe he’s going to retire on one? We’ll have to wait till March 3 2017 to find out properly.

What we do know according to reportsĀ is that Logan is taking place in the near future where Wolverine’s mutant abilities aren’t what they used to be, and that mutant births have declined across the whole of the globe.


Wolverine and Caliban are taking care of Professor X. Corporation Transigen are turning mutant children into killing machines and Wolverine meets one of these children. This is who is holding Logan’s hand in the first poster. This child has two claws, like Wolverine, that also come out of her hand and Wolverine vows to protect her.


James Mangold directed Logan and stars ugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle and Elise Neal.