This is it. We’re less than a month away from one of the hit shows leaving our screens. Granted that season six has been split into 6A and 6B but that doesn’t mean that it hurts any less.

When Teen Wolf first came onto our screens people were worried that it would just be a rip-off of the Michael J. Fox film with the same title. Boy they were wrong. With Jeff Davies at the helm this show was only going to flourish and become something that fans of any age would love. And love they did.

The show has seen deaths, so many deaths. Some deaths that fans aren’t over yet, Alison Argent. We’ve seen characters develop over the seasons into strong willed people that we have fallen in love with. We’ve heard so many sarcastic jokes thanks to everyone’s favourite human, Stiles. Watched as Lydia realised that she didn’t need to hide how smart she is, that she could be her own person. Watched Scott fall in and out of love whilst protecting the pack. Seen Malia overcome obstacles and try to fit in. We watched as Kira became a strong member of the pack. And who can forget Liam finding his hole.

liam If I was to name everyone that has come in and out of the show that we’ve all fallen in love with then we’d be here for a while.

Now fans wait to see just what Teen Wolf can do in it’s final season. For this MTV show to have run for six seasons it shows just how much the show has influenced fans. The fans wanted more and now the fans have been given more. This will be the last season though as the cast will be going off and finding new projects to get involved with, but until the show ends there’s no need to feel down about it.

We’ve been given six great seasons. Six memorable seasons. Six seasons that I will go back and watch over and over when I want to visit Beacon Hills again.

Teen Wolf season 6 airs November 15 9/8c on MTV