The CW are known for their TV shows. Their TV shows have become some of the most watched shows globally with Supernatural now in its twelfth season and Arrow in its fifth. Some of the most watched CW shows have now ended but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t a hit.

Take One Tree Hill for example. OTH still has a solid fan following and people are always going back and watching the nine seasons over and over just to see their favourite Ravens stars on the screen again. To see Brooke finally find love. Watch as Peyton and Lucas made us go through all that pain to eventually end up together, married. Watched and Nathan and Haley overcome teenage pregnancy, kidnappings and psycho nannies to name just a few issues that they’ve had to come out of the other side stronger than ever. The OTH gang never failed to put us through the ringer but for all of their flaws we didn’t want to be anything other than what we were trying to be.

Gossip Girl is another one. Fans got the watch as the lives of Manhattans Upper Elite came to our screens. We watched as Serena fell in and out of love countless times. Got involved with Chuck and Blair’s schemes. Had our hearts broken when we watched Chuck and Blair break up. Watched as Lonely Boy (Dan) went back to Serena before eventually marrying her in the shows final episode. Wanted to hurt Jenny when she became Queen B and did unspeakable things to Eric.

But through all of that there have been shows that the CW have let run for a season before cancelling, no matter what the fans have said. I know that I have been sat on the couch wondering why, why have they cancelled this show? Some of them started out a little rocky but eventually found their footing and then started to get better.


Hellcats. This cheer drama followed pre-law college student Marti Perkins at University where she had no other choice but to join the college’s cheer squad to obtain a new scholarship after losing her last one. The show itself was fun and enjoyable but did receive mixed reviews from the viewers. Maybe if it was given a chance it would have been able to cheer itself into a higher watched show.

The cast includes

Aly Michalka – Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale – Savannah Monroe
Robbie Jones – Lewis Flynn
Matt Barr – Dan Patch


Ringer. This drama staring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ioan Gruffudd saw Gellar playing identical twins Bridget and Siobhan. Bridget was a recovering drug addict who was under the protection of the FBI after witnessing a murder. Siobhan had kept her sister’s identity a secret from her husband and step daughter. Bridget took over Siobhan’s life after it appeared that she had killed herself and in doing this Bridget for all intense purposes no longer existed. But that wasn’t the case, life only got more complicated as the show went on. Bridget was hiding her own secrets and trying to be her sister at the same time but then she discovered that her sister was hiding secrets of her own and someone was in fact trying to kill Siobhan.

If the CW had renewed Ringer for a second season they would have found that the viewing rates would have gone up. It was a rookie show that had found its footing by the end of the first season but unfortunately it wasn’t given the chance to flourish like it probably would have in a second season.

The cast includes

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Bridget Kelly/ Siobhan Martin
Ioan Gruffudd – Andrew Martin
Mike Colter – Malcolm Ward


The Carrie Diaries. Whilst this show ran for two seasons I was left wanting more. The CW drama showed us the earlier life of Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) before she moved to New York and became a big name. I would have loved to have seen the show introduce Charlotte and Miranda but alas, it wasn’t the case as fans only got to see them introduce Samantha. Getting to see the early years of Carrie did give some fans some of the insight that they wanted but others, much like me, wanted to see more. I wanted some more references and maybe if the CW had renewed it for a third season we might have been given that opportunity.

The cast includes

AnnaSophia Robb – Carrie Bradshaw
Austin Butler – Sebastian Kydd
Lindsey Gort – Samantha Jones (Season 2)


The Secret Circle.  By turning another one of L.J Smith’s books into a TV series the CW tried to accomplish what they had with The Vampire Diaries. But that wasn’t the case. The supernatural drama followed Cassie Blake as she attempted to adjust to her new life in Chance Harbor. When it is revealed that Cassie is a witch she refuses to believe it even after a fellow witch, Adam, helps her to unlock her powers. Only after finding a leather-bound book from her late mother does Cassie start to except who she is. Only things start changing then as it is revealed that Cassie;s mother hid her away to keep her safe.

If this show was given a second season it probably would have become what The Vampire Diaries is today. A popular show that fans are always wanting to watch but because of the mixed reviews it wasn’t given the chance.

The cast includes

Britt Robertson – Cassie Blake
Thomas Dekker – Adam Conant
Faye Chamberlain – Pheobe Tonkin
Shelley Hennig – Diana Meade