So we live in the UK ok. I got up early especially to watch The Walking Dead. I got up expecting to be upset and instead I’m emotionally unstable. I now have to go into work and do an 8 hour day without breaking down.

What can I say? When AMC brought The Walking Dead back for a seventh season they brought it back with a bang.

For over six months people have been questioning “Who did Negan kill?” It’s the only question that The Walking Dead fans have been asking each other. They’ve been trying to convince themselves that they can’t kill off certain characters because well, they’re fan favourites, they’re needed and it’s just something that you can’t do. Well now “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” has aired and it’s ugly crying all around and pretty much everything that you own now belongs to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).


Ok so we pick up where we left off with the line up still consisting of Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Aaron, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Greene, Michonne, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita ad Eugene.

Instead of immediately showing fans who Negan had killed we see the aftermath of Risk shaking, angry and telling Negan that he’s going to kill him. “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, someday soon.” Fans are right there with him even though we have no clue who it is that Negan has killed- yet.

Negan drags Rick and an axe and Lucille into his RV and locks the door. Negan slams the axe into the table and tries to start the engine but can’t so he challenges Rick. He taunts him, “Keep acting tough, go ahead, Grab the damn axe” Rick grabs it of course but Negan pulls out a gun and beats up Rick.

After he starts to break, because he may be mentally broken by Negan he still needs to be broken, we start to get flashing back through his memories of the group before someone(s) died. Negan makes a mistake though and throws Risk’s axe into a fog/mist-filled road that’s infested with walkers. We all know that Rick has experience escaping walkers on top of RV’s and the break away from Negan allows him time to get perspective on what’s happened- what we haven’t seen yet.

Negan is still there however and continues to taunt Rick saying that he knows Rick thought his makeshift family would be together forever “Sitting around the table at Sunday dinner, living happily ever after.” If that doesn’t foreshadow anything then I don’t know what does.

It happens then. Rick flashes back to the scene from his own perspective and we finally get to see who Negan killed. It’s Abraham. Abraham gets in an amazing line as Negan is beating him over and over though, he tells Negan to “suck my nuts.”

Now I’ve seen this death I’m already a mess because it seems that poor Sasha just can’t seem to catch a break. Everyone that she has been with has died and I don’t know, it seems like being with Sasha just might be a cause for concern.

With Negan waving Lucille in Rosita’s face who can blame Daryl to run at Negan and punch him? Negan decides not to kill Daryl even though Dwight wants to and that’s when the bat drops. Again.

Now I thought we we’re getting one death. Boy was I wrong. To make sure that he still means business Negan walks over and starts whacking another member of the group. Glenn.

That’s when we get the exact scene, nearly bash for bash from the comic and it’s as horrifying as you can  imagine it to be. Glenn hangs in there for what seems life forever with his eyeball hanging out as Negan talks to him and the rest of the group. But Negan gets through with talking and kills Glen.

Now the ugly crying has really kicked in because HOW CAN YOU KILL GLENN?!

We leave the flash back and go back to Rick who is on top of the RV’s roof where Negan is demanding that he give him back the axe. Rick jumps for the walker that hanging from the bridge and fights his way through the herd of walkers, he flashes on every member of th group getting Lucille to the head. Using that as motivation he brings the axe back to Negan.

Negan wants to get Rick to lead the group into giving Negan half of everything they own. But that doesn’t explain why he’s spending so much time in breaking the leader of the group. But that doesn’t last long as fans soon learn what Negan was doing, “The trick was about the way you looked at me. I wanted to change that. I wanted you to understand. And you still look at me the same damn way.”

We go back to the lineup, where the rest of the group is still huddled around all broken up because well Abraham and Glenn’s bodies are lying on the floor. Negan gets his group to put guns to the back of everyone’s heads and brings over Carl. He makes a deal with Rick then. Cut off Carl’s arm and he’ll spare everyone else.

Michonne is begging for Negan to stop saying that “We get it” but Negan knows that they get it, Rick however still doesn’t. Negan starts to count down and Rick breaks. It’s the kind of breaking down that you’d expect to see. Snot pouring from his nose and everything. Carl tells rick to “Just do it” and Rick raises the axe.

Negan was kidding though telling Rick “You belong to me.” Negan then see’s what he wanted “That, was the look I wanted to see” and welcomes the group to a “brand new beginning.”

That’s not all though because he then kidnaps Daryl telling the group that he’ll be back in a week.

There’s still a few minutes left of the episode though and in those last few minutes we see Maggie step up in a big way. She tells them that she’s going to fight even though throughout the whole ordeal she’s been kneeling on the ground in crippling baby pain. Sasha steps up too telling the group that she’ll stick with Maggie whilst the group go back to Alexandria.

We then get a look at what life would be like if the group all stayed together and it was a better, happier world.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday’s 9/8c on AMC