When people go to see a Marvel Studios film they are prepared for all of the Easter Eggs hiding inside. Marvel is well known for adding jokes and teasers into their movies and fans, much like myself, delight in searching for them.

The Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange however were a bit tricky to find and well you would have needed your third eye open if you were to spot it.

If like me you counted as the number of people walked out of the cinema before the credits had even started rolling muttering “Do people not get Marvel films? There’s a post credit scene! Two even!” You then found yourself doing the exact same thing when people then walked out after the first one.


So if you were one of the ones that stuck around the second end-credit scene then you saw the Easter Egg. It wasn’t in the actual clip itself but right before during the actual credits. After all of the names scrolled by fans noticed a line that warned them against distracted driving.

In Doctor Strange fashion, the incident came before the warning. And well, if you saw the film the you’ll know that Dr Stephen Strange was involved in a car accident that cost him the use of his hands. The accident was caused by Strange being distracted while he was driving rather than paying attention to the road he was looking at MRI scans and speeding. These factors nearly killed him.

Fans will of course understand why the distracted driving warning in the credits stands as a clever Easter Egg. Throughout the film there is an on-going joke that points out the stupidity of warning coming after instructions.

The Huffington Post asked writer Jon Spaihts about the tie-in but he asserted that it was little more than a “happy accident”.

According to Entertainment Weekly there also appears to be a very subtle link between Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. This Easter Egg is connected to the car crash also. The medical report that Strange is looking over is allegedly Carol Danvers. The file is about a woman who had an implant in her brain to control her schizophrenia. She was suddenly struck by lighting and Strange was asked to look at her case.

EW said that Scott Derrickson smiled when asked whether the file was somehow connected before saying “Remember that Brittany Murphy movie where she goes ‘I’ll never tell…’”

If that isn’t a possible tie in then I don’t know what is.