These past few days we have been treated to some brand new stills from the upcoming Power Rangers Movie (Set to release in March 2017) which shows of the Rangers Megazords as well as a new look at Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). You can check out the pictures below:

As well as the brand new stills, The Wrap has also reported about new plot details about the upcoming film. However, please take all this information with a grain of salt for the time being due to no new information being reported by Lionsgate until they have made an official statement or when a new trailer is released:

The Plot teased by The Wraps writer Umberto Gonzalez states:

“The Zeo Crystals are a powerful artifact in the new Power Rangers Cinematic Universe (PRCU) that channel the Morphing Grid – the dimension that allows the Rangers to harness their powers. To keep it from falling into the wrong hands, the Zeo Crystals were hidden on Earth and protected by a force field that would vaporize anyone looking to steal the Crystals upon contact.

And it’s on Earth 65 million years ago that Rita Repulsa, the original Green Power Ranger gone rogue, creates the evil Goldar for one purpose – to steal the Zeo Crystals. With the Zeo Crystals, Rita plans to deliver them to her master, Lord Zedd, who sports a half burned face from his attempt to steal the Zeo Crystals himself.

Unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the powerful relic, Goldar is vaporised into particles of gold – until Rita resurrects him from his gold particles 65 million years later to take on the modern-day Power Rangers and their larger-than-life Megazord.

While the alleged story certainly sounds believable and full of mythology that would successfully establish a Power Rangers Cinematic Universe (PRCU), fans should be cautious in trusting any rumour until Lionsgate provides official confirmation. But the proposed story above certainly aligns with a number of theories currently floating around the Internet, including Rita Repulsa’s visible possession of the Green Power Coin.”

If this rumoured plot is accurate then it confirms a lot of fan theories that Rita was the original Green Ranger in Zordon’s era before going rouge. It also adapts on Lionsgate’s hopes as well for a true Cinematic Universe of the Power Rangers which they hoped would consist of 7-8 movies in an interview a few months ago. The other key note to specify is that if the Zeo Crystals are set to make an appearance in the movie, then its possible that Lionsgate are hoping to take plot points from the original Power Rangers Seasons and implement them into each of their films.

What do you think of the plot and would you be up for a huge cinematic universe dedicated to the original Power Ranger Seasons? Let us know in the comments below.