On January 13th, Nintendo finally unveiled all of the main details on their upcoming hybrid Console/ Handheld system.

Release Date and Price

Nintendo jumped straight to the answers people have been questioning for months since their October reveal. The release date and price.

The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd 2017, Worldwide and will be priced at $299/ £279. 

What has caught most people by surprise was the cost of the console after the constant rumours that it would be priced lower than what was originally revealed it has made people now question whether or not the console is worth to buy instantly or at a later date.

Battery Life

One thing Wii U users didn’t want to hear was a low battery life for the upcoming console and they were pleased to hear that you can play your games between the times of 2 hours and 30 minutes to 6 hours maximum.


The Nintendo Switch will comes with a 32gb Micro-SD card included in it but Nintendo has confirmed that you are able to buy bigger Micro-SD (SDXC) cards for when you have ran out of storage.

Online Services

Nintendo has finally given us all a more in depth detail as to what we can expect from their online services.

  • Paid Services: One thing Nintendo wanted to take from their competitors online services is charging the players to use them. However players wont begin being charged until the Fall. From Launch the services will be in a trial period for players to use.
  • Online Lobby and Voice Chat: You can now Invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in compatible games, all from your smart device. A free, limited version of this app will be available for download in summer 2017.
  • Monthly Game Download: Subscribers will get to download and play a NES or SNES game with newly-added online play for free for a month. The catch with Nintendo’s monthly free game is that it does have an expiry on when you wont be able to use it anymore which is a downfall to their services, so hopefully Nintendo will change their mind before the services full release.
  • Exclusive deals: There will also be special offers for subscribers including discounts on Games and Content on the Nintendo Store.

Region Locking

One thing that the press conference had everyone talking about was the fact that Nintendo’s new console is officially Region Free! which means you can now buy any game from any country and it will work smoothly on your new console.

Joycon Controllers


Nintendo seems to have took inspiration for their new controllers mostly from the original Nintendo Wii and their Nintendo DS/ 3DS systems. The controllers will be in different colours Grey, Neon Red and Neon Blue. The Joycon also includes a new rumble feature which is able to simulate things such as ice clinking in a glass. It also has an IR sensor that can detect depth, shape, and movement.



The one thing the players want to hear is the games they are going to be able to play on their device. The games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch include:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – March 3rd 2017
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – April 28th 2017
  • 1, 2, Switch – March 3rd 2017
  • Just Dance 2017 – March 3rd 2017
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 1 + 2 – March 3rd 2017
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Fall 2017
  • Sonic Mania – May 2017
  • Project Sonic 2017 – Fall/ Winter 2017
  • Splatoon 2 – Summer 2017
  • Arms – Spring 2017
  • Minecraft Switch Edition – TBD
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Holiday 2017
  • NBA 2K18 – September 2017

And that is only just to name a few. Nintendo Switch has over 80 Games in development as we speak and more news of games for the platform will be revealed at E3 2017.


Nintendo has also released the prices of their accessories for the Nintendo Switch:

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $69.99/ £59.99
  • Joy-Con Controller Sets: $79.99/ £69.99
  • Individual L/R Joy-Con Controllers: $49.99/ £39.99
  • Joy-Con Charging Grip: $29.99/ £24.99
  • Joy-Con Wheel (Set of 2): $19.99/ £12.99
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Strap: $7.99/ £4.99

Box Art


It seems as though the box art for the Nintendo Switch is taking a bit of inspiration from the PSP Box Designs from a few years ago.

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