Yet another squad is joining the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whilst these characters have their own shows respectively this will be the first time that Matt Murdock (Dare Devil ), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist) will all be together.

This year Netflix will debut the Defenders and the past week has been full of updates and first look photos and fans have been more than keen to take a closer look of the pictures to see if they can find any secrets and hidden easter eggs.

It didn’t take long for fans to find one clever nod to Marvel’s comic.

In the photos released by Entertainment Weekly fans are shown the four Defenders assembled in style as the lounge on the back of a truck. Look closer at the image and you’ll find an easter egg that you may have missed.

The truck is marked with a fleet number differentiating it from the other vehicles. The trucks number is 616. Marvel fans will recognise the digits. Marvel stories take place in a fiction multiverse and Earth-616 is the most popular timeline for continuity.


As fans wanted Netflix’s The Defenders will also be connecting to the overarching MCU. Jeph Loeb told Entertainment Weekly that the show relies heavily on the pre-established world that’s been fleshed out in the movies such as The Avengers.

“I don’t know that you’d be asking this question if we were a medical show or a law show or a cop show. I think the other part that separates us from, let’s just say, our distinguished competition is that we take place in a very real, grounded world. We’ve always said that there is a fifth Defender, and that is New York,” he explained.

“If the story warrants it, we will obviously do our best to have folks cross into each other’s story lines.…We certainly communicate with each other in terms of what we’re doing and what we have planned and the characters that we’re using and where it’s all going.”

Iron Fist airs March 2017 ahead of The Defenders on Netflix.