That’s right, you haven’t read that wrong ABC’s fairy tale drama is doing a musical episode.

Will we see the dwarfs finally sing about whistling whilst they work? Will Snow sing whilst she waits to be awoken from this curse?

“Let’s get down to business” because the answers you want may be getting addressed in season 6. TVLine┬áreports that Once Upon A Time is currently planning a musical episode to air sometime in the Spring.

Back in 2015 at Comic Con Eddy Kitsis said that “It would be great to do a musical episode, [but] I don’t even know where to begin.”

ABC have declined to comment about the up-coming musical episode, but this isn’t the first time that they’ve toyed with the idea of a musical episode.

Well a good place to start would be for the cast to start brushing up on their vocal skills if needed. Selecting the songs that everyone knows and loves.

I know that I’m excited, are you?

Once Upon a Time is back on Sunday, March 5