Not too long ago the Marvel’s twitter page dropped a tweet which states an announcement is coming tomorrow at ¬†10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm GMT.

But what we have noticed is at the exact same time Square Enix dropped news that a announcement on their Twitter Page will be revealed at some point tomorrow as well.

What we are questioning now is are these 2 announcements linked in some way?

Some of the possible outcomes of this being true is that we could be getting more Marvel Play Arts Figures later this year or do we dare say a big highly unlikely theory is that it could be a Kingdom Hearts 3 Reveal? (Wishful Thinking!)

Are we being crazy and its just a coincidence that their announcements are released on the same day and possibly at the same time or is this link actually real and they are going to make a surprise announcement. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.