After the announcement back in December that Sebastian is coming to Shadowhunters in Season 2 we finally know who will be playing the iconic role.

TVLine has learned exclusively before the announcement on the Shadowhunters social media pages that Will Tudor will_tudor(Game of Thrones and Humans) will take on the roll of Sebastian.

Todd Slavkin gushed to TVLine that Tudor is “so good in this part,” as well as throwing out adjectives like “amazing” and “mind-blowing.” Darren Swimmer added on by saying there’s a “vulnerability” to Tudor’s performance that’s truly “captivating.”

TVLine also learned that when Tudor audition he used an American Accent when taped which to Slavkin and Swimmer was “interesting” until they came across his Game of Thrones and Humans reel and came to the agreement that they are going to make Sebastian have a British Accent and come from the London Institute for the show instead of the Paris Institute like in the Books.

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