Hey guys, so you’ve stumbled across our page and now you want to know more about us well you’ve come to the right place.


We’re three friends who have a passion for all things entertainment. It started out small like everything does and then grew from there. Grew into us watching a lot of TV shows and films and playing video games. You probably want to get to know more about us, seeing as how we’re the ones that are going to be posting and keeping you updated with information about shows, movies, games and the like as the days go on. Well then here we go.



Hey! I’m Andrew. 19. From Merseyside, United Kingdom. I am a student at Liverpool John Moores University studying Computer Games Development. I have been a huge Disney, Marvel, DC and Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember making sure I’ve seen every film in the cinemas and having a gigantic collection of DVD’s filled of them. I have been a Gamer since I was 5 and my first ever game I played was the original Time Crisis on PlayStation. My favourite game is Kingdom Heart. I also have a hobby in Graphic Design.


Hey! I’m Courtney, 20 years old from Merseyside, UK. I’m in full time employment. I’ve been a huge fan of Disney since I was little pretty much like everyone else. From there my world got bigger and bigger. Reading books and travelling to Hogwarts and Idris. Watching films and getting transported into fighting alongside The Avengers and the Justice League and The Joker from time to time because who isn’t a fan of Marvel and DC? Watching TV shows and getting to fight crime with Gibbs, becoming doctors with Meredith and Christina and finally becoming Shadowhunters. I collect Funko Pop! figures and have an ever growing pile of books that need reading.

peterHey! I’m Peter, also 19 years old from Merseyside, UK. I’m also a University student and also have a part-time job. Like everyone else I’m a fan of Disney especially the minions and also am a huge fan of all things Marvel and keep up with DC whenever I can. I’m also a huge gamer if nothing else starting off with Crash Bandicoot which I am a lifelong fan of, I stuck with gaming and love nothing more but to play hours on end of various games such as the various Call of Duty games, Fallout 4, Gears of War and and a myriad of other titles (There are far to many to mention!), I’m also a Super Mega fan of the Elder Scrolls series of games that I could speak about for hours (If you have the time feel free to speak to me about it!) Along with all this I’m also the same in saying that I also enjoy watching TV, listening to music and also keeping up with the latest released films.

Courtney (Harley Quinn), Andy & Peter