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NCIS LA’s Miguel Ferrer Has Died

Miguel Ferrer has sadly passed away aged 61

True Blood and Gotham Actor Cast as Spock’s Father in Star Trek: Discovery

Casting announcement for Star Trek: Discovery

Breaking!!!: New Power Rangers Trailer is Here!!!

It's Morphin Time!

BREAKING NEWS!!! : This Is Us Renewed for Season 2 and 3

Are you ready for more This Is Us?

Is Pierce Brosnan Going to Play Cable?

007 reporting for duty or just a mislead?

2017 Upcoming Movie Schedule

Here is your schedule to the biggest movies of 2017.

The Defenders

The Defenders are assembling

Deadpool is bringing back fan-favourites for the second film

The characters we all want will be back in the next Deadpool film

Kingdom Hearts 3 + Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Update

Looks like Aqua is going to be stuck in the Realm of Darkness for a little while longer.

Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need To Know

All the details from the big press conference showcasing the new console.

Will Liv Tyler Return in Avengers: Infinity War?

If it's to be believed this actress could be returning to the Marvel films.

Supernatural Renewed for a 13th Season

13 seasons later we're still watching and they're still hunting

Charmed Reboot

The Power of Three lives on in the CW revival show

CW Renews 4 DC TV Shows

The four DC TV shows have been renewed on the CW. At least Barry didn't mess this up!

Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017

We take a look at what 2017 holds for our viewing entertaiment.

Avengers: Infinity War has Production Start Date

Avengers, get ready to Assemble. Earth's gonna need you

Final Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer has been released and a Limited Edition Console has been revealed.

He's Back!!!

Power Rangers Movie: New Stills and Possible Rumoured Plot Details

Zeo Crystals, Lord Zedd, Rogue Green Ranger? Please let this be true!

Christmas Films

Christmas films anyone?

The Mummy Trailer Released

Let's open the sarcophagus and have a look at the new The Mummy trailer

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